Porn star levels accusation of "unacceptable behavior" at Trump day after launching online sex shop

Porn star levels accusation of “unacceptable behavior” at Trump day after launching online sex shop

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  I couldn’t ignore this. I looked at and thought about it for a while at first but then something Jim Hoft added to it began to crack me up. When I heard of the newest Trump accuser on The Today Show this morning I sort of dismissed it since the accuser they described sounded… Read more »


Trump Defends Life, Hillary Defends Partial Birth Abortion (Guest Post)

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Hillary Clinton likes to say she has waged a lifelong crusade to save the children, but in the final presidential debate She defended the right to end their lives In the womb using the barbaric procedure known as partial birth abortion, which involves the physical dismemberment of nearly born infants. As the Washington Times noted,… Read more »


The Fed Is Your Enemy, And The Elite Is In-Tow

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Envision yourself on the Mount Everest ice field called the Khumbu icefall. You are with a group negotiating a crossing of the ice field on your way to the summit of Everest. You are almost at Camp One, having left base camp and are struggling through the most difficult acclimatization portion of your climb. You are part of a team, the first team up the mountain in this particular expedition, but in this endeavour, you feel alone. You are fighting nature’s forces, all of them — gravity, extreme cold, violent winds, blinding snow storms, thin oxygen, your own contracting blood vessels, cramps, and one step at a time you cross ladders, and you clip onto and off ropes that have been fixed in the ice. You worry each time you unclip your carabiner. Each might just be the moment when ice moves and disaster hits. And then it happens.

obama would not shut off internet to ISIS, but had no problem shutting off Assange's internet

obama would not shut off internet to ISIS, but had no problem shutting off Assange’s internet

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  Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? ISIS recruits new members in no small part via the internet. So why don’t we simply just shut off the internet to ISIS? No, we can’t do that, says obama’s FCC: “Isn’t there something we can do under existing law to shut those Internet sites down?” Barton asked. “And… Read more »

The election may not be rigged but the process certainly is

The election may not be rigged but the process certainly is

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  Pravda is all upset that Donald Trump is suggesting that the coming Presidential election might be rigged. Wait- did I say Pravda? I meant the US media- which has effectively morphed into the official state run media. Donald Trump is running not only against Hillary Clinton, but against nearly all the media. They are… Read more »


How Toxic Multiuclturalism Is Brainwashing the White Race To Abolish Itself (Guest Post)

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  There are many toxic aspects of multiculturalism but one of the most wicked concerns the way it has brainwashed the majority of white people to be ashamed of their own race on some level. Even proud white patriots on the so-called alt-right who are strongly opposed to the relentless transformation of their nations have… Read more »


“I can do what I want because I’m a 5′ 1″, 105 lb libtard regressive”; and the issue of political bigotry

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  A few days ago, a friend of mine posted the following to her Facebook wall: OMG… I am at work and in comes a guy wearing a Hilary deplorable T-shirt. He is actually a customer that I know and have had friendly conversation with. Wow you just never know and now I feel a… Read more »

Naked Trump statue "hilarious". Naked hillary statue "obscene" and "grotesque"

Naked Trump statue “hilarious”. Naked hillary statue “obscene” and “grotesque”

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  How many times have we said it? You can’t spell either “democrat” or “liberal” without the letters H Y P O C R I T E democrats and liberals are utterly pathetic and wretched human beings. Let’s examine a sampling of the responses when statues of a naked Donald Trump appeared in August NBC… Read more »

Yes, Trump is a reprobate. That's why you should vote for him

Yes, Trump is a reprobate. That’s why you should vote for him

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  By now it is clear to anyone with half a brain that the media is part of the Clinton campaign. Donald Trump makes their job easier as he does have a penchant for shooting himself in the foot and taking the bait dangled in front of him by hillary clinton and her merry band… Read more »